• Andersen Talks About Blackjack in "Turning the Tables on Las Vegas"
    'Turning the Tables on Las Vegas,' by Ian Anderson is about the game of blackjack. What makes this blackjack book distinct from the other blackjack books available is the fact that it focuses on the psychology of the game rather than the tactics and strategies.

  • Blackjack History and Ken Uston
    Ken Uston and his team made a fortune in blackjack through card counting with the Hi Opt 1 system. By splitting the team into small bettors and high rollers, they adjusted bets by the card count.

  • Blackjack: Winning Traits
    Blackjack is a game of nerves. It can be tempting to hit when no one should. There are some traits that all successful blackjack players share and anyone who wants to join their pantheon should take note of these traits.

  • Common Blackjack Beginner Mistakes
    Everyone goes through the same growing pains in learning blackjack. Everyone, at one point in time, has committed one or two of the common beginner mistakes. It doesn't matter if it's when to hit or stand or when to double down or not, knowing the recommended moves helps you move along in the game.

  • Evaluating and Comparing Card Counting Systems
    Choosing the best card counting system for you is necessary in order to succeed as a blackjack player. You need to evaluate and compare card counting systems between each other basing on important elements to determine the right match for you.

  • Minding Your Manners in Blackjack
    When you play Blackjack in a casino, it is always important to not just know the basic strategy to help you beat the dealer, but equally so is that of observing the protocols for proper behavior. Learning proper Blackjack etiquette is part of the game, and the more you observe it, the more you will be able to just focus on you game and not worry about anything else.

  • Rules of Blackjack Game
    Blackjack is a fun and profitable game to play. The rules are very easy to learn and you can win big when you know your real objective.

  • Some Helpful Blackjack Tips
    Besides learning the basic strategies there are other general guidelines that every Blackjack player should be aware of. Play more efficient Blackjack by using tried and tested guides and techniques.

  • Taking a Look at Fundamental Blackjack Rules
    Blackjack is one of the luring table games in casinos which outcomes are affected by players' luck. To have a good chance of winning, players need to know the fundamental or basic blackjack rules. By knowing the rules, players will make an impression at blackjack tables that they are skillful in the game.

  • Which is More Enjoyable: Online or Live Blackjack?
    Blackjack is something that most gamblers prefer to play when in casinos. With the internet technology in place, you can now enjoy it online for your convenience.

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