Some Helpful Blackjack Tips

Blackjack remains very popular in both live and Internet casinos, thanks to its exciting gameplay, simple rules and of course, the big payouts. Follow these tips, and you'll get even more out of this classic game.

Blackjack tip 1: don't take any insurance bet.

A lot of people don't understand what the insurance is about, and it is just as well, because it doesn't pay to use it. The casino has the edge here, so if you get offered the insurance, just say no; it's better to take a chance with your hands.

Blackjack tip 2: keep calm

This advice can be difficult to do. Even casual players who go to the casino "just for fun" end up getting so involved in the game they get angry and frustrated. They lose focus, and worse take it out on the dealer.

When you find yourself getting frustrated, remember the following: the dealer has no control over the cards; it's not her fault that you keep going over. Second, you must remember that Blackjack, indeed all casino games, are meant to be fun. Just chill out and take it as it comes.

Blackjack tip 3: keep an eye on the other players

Always keep in mind that even though you will only be playing the dealer, the other players can have an affect on your game. To keep this to a bare minimum, you should look for a table that has players who are familiar with how Blackjack is played. This won't be too difficult, as rookies easily express their frustration.

Blackjack tip 4: don't get intoxicated

You can have as many drinks as you like after you win, not while you're playing the game. As for eating, it isn't as potentially damaging to your game, but it could slow down the flow. If you are on a full table, making the other players wait for you to finish up your meal before making a decision on whether to hit or sand is considered impolite.

Blackjack tip 5: play games with few decks

The reason is that the fewer the decks, the lower the house edge is, so it's the best choice.

Blackjack tip 6: know the rules

There a lot of options in the game, including early and late surrender, multiple splitting, splitting aces, etc. Put your money in the games where these conventions are allowed.

Blackjack is a game of chance, but unlike other types you can make a big difference. All it takes is a little scrutinizing, research and the right attitude.