Common Blackjack Beginner Mistakes

Everyone goes through the same growing pains when we start to learn blackjack. We all go through the seemingly boring and uneventful process of memorizing basic strategy tables. Everyone makes their first stint at a blackjack table. Everyone gets scolded at one time or another or gets a sneer from more experienced players. And of course, everyone commits the same common blackjack beginner mistakes.

What we have below is a list of the common foibles every novice player makes. You can consider this as a form of a bonus since all you have to do now is to avoid making them.

Blackjack Beginner Mistake #1 - Poor Stands

Beginners often make the mistake of standing on a soft 18 with an up card of Ace, nine, or ten. Dealers will most likely make a hand of a higher value given the up card. Beginners also make the mistake of hitting or standing on a pair of eights. The correct player move is to split this hand.

Another common blackjack beginner mistake is standing on soft 17 for the fear of busting. Beginners should play aggressively and hit.

Blackjack Beginner Mistake #2 - Bad Hits

Beginners should make it a point to learn to deal with stiff hands. Stiff hands are tough to play since they have a huge probability of busting. If your hand valuation is from 12 to 16 you have a tough case in your hands. Check if the dealer's up card first before making any decision. If it's from two to six then it's a terrible idea to hit. In this situation the dealer has a high probability of busting his hand.

Blackjack Beginner Mistake #3 - Sour Splits

You don't split every pairs you're dealt in blackjack. A pair of tens shouldn't be split since they already have a formidable value especially if the dealer has five or six. A review of blackjack basic strategy will be helpful if you're having problems with pairs.

Blackjack Beginner Mistake #4 - Double Down or Not

It only takes a bit of math to figure out that an 11 won't bust, which makes it a good initial hand value. Coupled with the fact that your dealer's up card has a value of ten then your move should be to double down. In fact, you should consider doubling down if you have a soft hand and your dealer has five or six.

These are the mistakes that blackjack beginners commonly make. Taking note of these mistakes and remembering the correct move will bring you up to speed to master the game.