Evaluating and Comparing Card Counting Systems

One thing that a blackjack player needs to do when it comes to card counting systems is to evaluate them. Know which of them is best for you because these card counting systems differs in difficulty levels as well as the information they give you to succeed in blackjack.

The more a card counting system tells you, the more complicated the system will be and it won't help you in playing blackjack if you are only a beginner. Instead of letting you win, it will only bring confusion to your mind.

Here are the two points that blackjack players will need to consider in evaluation card counting systems:

1. Playing Efficiency - This is an indicative factor of how well a card counting system adjusts to changes in blackjack playing strategies.

2. Betting Correlation - This will tell you about the relationship of the point values of each card to the effects it gives when those cards are removed from the shoe. This number is very significant as the number of decks increased.

If you are only a blackjack beginner player, you should only try the card counting system that is basic like the Hi-Lo card counting system. This card counting system is pretty easy as well as effective and this is all you will ever need as a beginner.

Aside from evaluating each card counting system, you need also to compare each card counting system from each other to find out which is the best match for you.

These are the things that you should pay attention to in comparing card counting systems:

1. Balanced against Unbalanced - The typical sum of a single deck is zero and it is unbalanced if the sum exceeds zero. The unbalanced card counting systems are much easier to keep track and recall while the balance is more precise.

2. Ace-Reckoned against Ace-Neutral - There are other card counting systems that assign zero as the value point of Ace and there are also other systems where its value point is a negative number. Assigning Ace with a negative number value point is much better for multiple deck blackjack games. The Ace-Reckoned card counting systems are much popular today but this changes every now and then.

3. Level - The lower the level number of the card counting system the easier it is to learn and do. The higher the level number means you will get more significant information for the blackjack game. For beginners, level one card counting systems are best for them and they can go higher as their experience increases.

4. Side Counts - Side Counts are card counting systems that keep track of any thing on the side beside the basic card count done. Many blackjack players are using Side Counts to keep track of the Aces in the game.

Evaluation and comparison between card counting systems are necessary to determine which is the best card counting system for you to use in the blackjack game and be successful.