Blackjack: Winning Traits

Blackjack is a game that players without discipline cannot even hope to win, no matter how many blackjack tips they absorb throughout their adventures at the casino tables. Without discipline, no amount of card counting or blackjack strategy can pull the odds or chips away from the house. They need to be able to hold their own under pressure, which can come from any activity that involves money. If they can stick to their guns, they can end up winning more than anyone else at the table that night, perhaps even breaking the bank if they're incredibly lucky.

In any game wherein knowledge leads to the correct move or play, knowledge becomes everything. Any blackjack tip or strategy will be based on the information you can get or read. Winners know what their opponents will do and what they can do to put the odds in their favor. Any sportsman knows the rules of the game - blackjack has people who know what cards could potentially come out.

Having your feet on the ground is an important trait that good blackjack players share with other poker players and a common blackjack tip. These are the players that know how much they can realistically expect to win the tables. Blackjack is about knowing the odds and playing your money according to those odds, rather than hoping for sheer luck. Luck does not come into the equation for most players and it's a common tip to put the concept of it out the window as it is a variable that cannot be controlled. As with many things, dedication and discipline are worth more in blackjack than mere luck.

Common blackjack tips, strategies and card counting won't help a person that does not have the discipline to practice these methods, or the dedication to stick to the plan in the case of hard hands. At the end of the day, stubbornness is also a vital tip. Card counters are stubborn. Casinos can kick you out. People may laugh at your attempts to memorize betting and card patterns - only the stubborn push through the hail of insults and instead end up winning the big pots.

These are only a few of the major traits that successful blackjack players have. As with all things, nothing is guaranteed - possessing these traits and all the card counting knowledge in the world cannot protect a gambler from getting hit with a king when he has eighteen for his cards. Always be wary of lady luck.