Minding Your Manners in Blackjack

If you have not played Blackjack in a casino, it is crucial that you know the strategies and tactics beforehand. Also crucial is knowing how to maintain the proper decorum. All casino games have their own protocols, and this one is no exception.

Before you play, make sure that you have memorized the hand signals that signify, double down, hit, stand, etc. A lot of casinos allow you to verbalize these actions, but some prefer the signals, particularly if there are several players. In any case, it is better if you know the signs to avoid any confusion.

Another important Blackjack etiquette concerns the bet. If you made a wager, it is vital that you do not touch it until after the game, or the dealer gives you your pay. This is very important.

Even more is laying your hand on the cards. In some casinos, this act can have you disqualified from the game or even ejected from the venue outright. The bottom line is that once you have made your bet, do not touch the cards and leave everything to the dealer.

If you find yourself losing a lot of hands, do not ask for a new set of cards. Instead of blaming the cards, you should consider your Blackjack strategy. Perhaps you are not implementing it properly.

Do not use foul language. It does not matter if it used against the dealer or not. Even if you do not direct the word or words against anyone in particular, it is still frowned upon by most casinos. In other words, keep your cool. Yelling at the dealer is also improper Blackjack etiquette.

If you have a chart or paper containing your basic Blackjack strategy, do your best to memorize it. Looking at it after every hand will slow the game down and irritate the other players. Even if you are alone, it will slow the game down.

It is all right to engage the dealer in conversation, but do not ask what her down card is. Also, look at the tag on their uniform. It will include their name and where they came from.

With that in mind, do not ask them, if making small talk, those questions. Instead you can ask them other things, like what their hobbies are when not working, what kind of games they play etc.

Blackjack etiquette is simple, and there is really nothing to it. If you take the time to observe and follow them, you will not have any trouble playing in a casino, and you can focus your strategies on winning the big money.